Welcome to our club!

Welcome to Swavesey Camera Club!

As the President of the club I am delighted to introduce a full programme of talks, workshops, competitions and outings that offers a greater range of activities than almost any other club in the region.

We are always keen to encourage new members to join, and pride ourselves on being a very friendly, welcoming club with activities to suit all abilities. This includes support for less experienced people wanting to improve their camera skills, through to talks and competitions to challenge even the most established photographer.

Our programme of events is based around five main elements:

  • Talks from some hugely impressive amateur and professional photographers who will share their experiences with us
  • Workshops where our more established members share their expertise for the benefit of our improving members
  • Internal competitions, where we share our images under the critical eye of a neutral judge
  • External competitions, where we participate both as individuals and in matches against other clubs
  • Club outings, with a number of venues selected to provide photographic opportunities and challenges.

We strive to be an inclusive club, catering for all, from absolute beginners to advanced workers. I can certainly vouch for this since joining the club a few years ago, and whilst my photography still needs major improvement, the advice, support and inspiration I've received from the club cannot have been bettered.

At the heart of the club is an overall spirit of friendliness and fun, and I hope this helps you to enjoy your photography even more this year.

John Turner
Swavesey Camera Club President

What's on

  • Oct 30, 2016
  • Nov 03, 2016

    Last date for entries to Monochrome Trophy Competition

    Last date for entries to Monochrome Trophy Competition
  • Nov 03, 2016

    Lucky Imaging of the Planets

    Martin Lewis MSc is a process engineer working in Harlow, who in his spare time is a telescope maker, sketcher of the skies and planetary imager. Martin will be explaining how the recently developed method of Lucky Imaging can be used to create much better images of the planets than was ever possible before, even with the largest telescopes. He will explain the method and show some of his results, including high resolution pictures of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the International Space Station.